Friday, February 19, 2010

Long time

Oh dear it has been a long time since I've been on here. Let's see whats new. Surprisingly nothing. Anywho lets get back to critiquing shall we. On today's agenda: Dante's Inferno

To start because I know it will come up. Yes it is a GOW rip off, deal with it. There's tons of other games like that, shut up. Now on to the actual game. The graphics on this game are un-fuckin-believable. The entire game runs seamlessly on one loading screen. Fabulous. The game play is very standard with your hack and slash weapon and your long range gun-ish thing. But it still makes for a very enjoyable game. The story line is very compelling, if you haven't read the Divine Comedy get on that, its really good. Teh upgrade system is sort of inventive. As the game progresses you run across shade, historical figures mad famous for their sins, and you have the change to absolve them or punish them. Doing so grants you either holy upgrade or unholy upgrade. The more of either you gather the more levels and moves are opened up. You then spends souls, the basic red orb type thing from all games like this, and spend them on the moves. The boss fights are really incredible and require a little bit of strategy. The game is excessively brutal and graphic. There are penis' everywhere along with breasts. The finishing move on some of the bosses, are so incredibly brutal that I cant believe this game was able to garner only a M rating. One of the only gripes I had was that the "minion" characters, the little dudes that piss you off, take way to much damage for their role in this game. Overall I'd say it was a very enjoyable game that gave me a nice warm up for GOW3, expect to see the next two books of the Comedy made into games as well.

12 out of 14

"I'm not locked in here with you, you are all locked in here with me"