Friday, April 11, 2008

Super Smash Brothers

So its been a while but the amazing trio is finally back. This time I'll be reviewing Super Smash Brothers Brawl. This newish game for the Wii is the third installment of the Smash Bros franchise. This newest one contains 35 characters instead of the 25 from the last game. It also contains a new feature which is called the Subspace Emissary Mode, which is a new adventure mode. You actually follow a story line were for once Master Hand is not the final enemy. I wont ruin the ending for you but its completely different and the final boss is a BITCH!!! There is the new addition of the challenge wall where when certain activities are completed a piece of glass on the wall is broken and you get a reward. There are now 544 trophies and the new addition of 600 stickers which can be added to your character in adventure mode to boost attack strength. The replay value for this game is endless because of the brawl mode where you can battle with up to three of your friends. Some of the characters blow ass such as fan service Sonic and Snake, as well as Wario, and then there are amazing characters such as Link and Toon Link. The new addition of the Final Smash ball which lets the chracters do a Super Smash which usually damages everyone on the screen, the character is invulnerable at this time but sometimes you can fall off the screen while doing this which ends up having the player get dissed by his friends for sucking. Its also hilarious to see four characters fight over this sometimes killing themselves. Some fun party games to play are 99 Smashed Brothers where you set the stock to 99 and every time you die you take a drink of your beer. Ends up being about 8 beers so its just a one time thing but it makes for some fun times.
Overall Rating A+ I haven't found anything wrong with this game and I've played for about 100 hours. Go get it.
-I dare you to make less sense.

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