Thursday, June 12, 2008

Not a movie

So today im not reviewing a movie but ranting about something that really pisses me off and I cant take it anymore. Why is that when people unlock their cars using the remote unlock they find it necessary to push the unlock button like 500 times? Usually it takes two pushes, once to unlock the front door and another ot unlock the rest of the doors. When you keep pushing the thing the car sits there and fuckin beeps for a fuckin reason. Its tellin you that its already fuckin unlocked so you dont need to push the button anymore. Today I got off work and sat outside enjoying me beverage when a fat family came out of the restaurant, the guy unlocked the car the daughter got in the car and then the guy pushed the button like 50 more times. YOUR DAUGHTER WAS ALREADY IN THE CAR OBVIOUSLY IT UNLOCKED DONT KEEP PUSHING IT!!! Fuck. People piss me off. I know its a stupid rant but I cant satnd the sound of the cars beeping 50 times when i already have to deal with the fryer beeping all fuckin day to tell me its done. Plus honestly how hard is it to put the key in the hole in the car and unlock it? When did we as a people become so fuckin lazy that we cant put a key in a hole anymore. Since theres no movie out right now that i care to see expect some more rants from me in the future,i need some way to vent my frustration. ARGH. FUCK.
-They dont want dressing? Fuck that I'll put my own dressing on it.

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