Saturday, July 12, 2008


I went out to see Wanted on Wednesday fully expecting an unrealistic action flick that is a good escape for a while, and boy did it deliver. Wanted is about a young man about our age who finds out that he is the son of the greatest assassin in the world and is now being recruited to join The Fraternity, a group of assassins. After much persuasion he decides to join and has to go through rigorous training before he is allowed to kill. They teach him many different skills such as curving the bullets and being able to pick other bullets out of the sky by shooting them down. He eventually gets to kill people and the movie progresses from there when he tries to kill the man who killed his father. Of course there are twists and such, which i wont reveal for obvious reasons. Overall the movie was very well made with good action sequences and stylized fight scenes. In the end though the movie makers overused some of the coolest action parts way to fucking much. Almost every bullet shot was either curved or shot out of the sky by another bullet. I mean comon give us something else. Its a rather graphic movie with some really awesome death scenes, it also has its fair share of comedy, when the comedy does actually show up its well placed and got many laughs from the audience. It was cast very well, but they left some huge plot points open, for example they introduce a character and then explain nothing about him, as well the Loom of Fate which tells the assassins which targets to kill works in binary code, but the monks who started The Fraternity started it 1000 years ago. Monks knowing binary? I think not.
Overall rating 7.5/10 for overuse of action scenes as well as unexplained points.
-Shoot THIS muther fucker!

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