Friday, December 14, 2007

I Am Legend

This afternoon I got the chance to go see I Am Legend with Bear. WOW! What a movie. As you can expect there was not that much dialog seeing as Will Smith was alone, save his dog. But this worked out very well. The movie really didnt need that much dialog to further it. Will Smith plays doctor Robert Neville the last human on earth. He is living in NYC and trying to find a way to cure the mutated humans around him. Neville has free reign during the day but when night comes he must barracade himself in his house in order to keep from being eaten. The dark seekers, as they are called can only come out during the night as UV rays harm them. As the movie progresses we feel that the dark seekers are unintelligent zombies only searching for flesh, a la dawn of the dead, but they are actually able to learn from there surroundings. At one point Will sets up a trap so that he might experiment on one of the dark seekers and another dark seekers sees how this trap works. Later in the movie Will is tripped up by the same trap set up by the leader of the dark seekers. The movie is filled with suspense and also very gripping emotions, I almost cried at one point because I could feel what he was going through. The movie never loses its touch and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It uses flash backs very appropriately to explain exactly how the virus got released and what happened to NYC. The ending was very touching and makes me appreciate Will Smith more for his acting abilities. Definitely go see tis movie as it is not like other zombie movies. We actually get to see an emotional character and sympathize with what he is going through, other than those shoot em up zombie flicks that have become popular lately. Overall score 10/10. I will be picking this movie up on DVD the day it comes out.


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