Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This Christmas

I went out to see This Christmas with a bunch of my friends here at home and I wasnt expecting much when i went in and it pretty much fulfilled my expectations to a T. The movie started off really odd because the main kid was calling his dad Joe and we didnt know if he was just informal or what but we find out about half way through the movie that he is in fact his step dad. As the movie progressed we meet more and more of the family as they come home for Christmas. There is some family fighting and some other nonsense and then another brother comes hoe followed by two thugs who owe him 25,000 dollars. The mom lets the thugs stay in the house and have Christmas dinner with them, What?? That is so absurd, I thought the premise was a realistic Christmas movie with comedy but that was ridiculous. The movie goes on and on and it very well could have ended in 5 places but something else had to be resolved as soon as the first thing was resolved. The plot line was very straightforward in fact me and my friends got so bored that we were guessing what would happen next in the movie with almost 100% accuracy. There were some funny parts but most were accidental such as a white guy in the front row of a black choir looking absolutely ridiculous. The movie was probably 20 minutes too long and shouldve stuck to realism instead of ridiculousness. Only redeeming feature, two hot chicks as two of the sisters.
Overall Rating 3/10


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