Friday, December 28, 2007

Tons to review today

So we have a shitload of stuff to review today due to the fact that i gots lots of shit from christmas. So on the agenda today is Blood Diamond, Pan's Labyrinth, The Simpsons Movie, and Super Mario Galaxy.

Blood Diamond:
I have always liked Leo, except for the disaster that was Titanic, and I had high hopes going into this movie. What i got exceded my expectations. the plot line of the movie, for those who dont know, we are in Seira Leone in 1999 during the diamond mining led my the rebel group R.U.F. they drive into villages murder the women and children and take some of them men to work in the diamond fields. Our main character gets caught up in one of these raids and finds himself separted from his family who manage to escape, working in the diamond fields. He ends up finding a huge pink diamond and hides it in the bush and escapes with his life when the mining camp is broken up. Leo comes in as a diamond smuggler who hears about the pink and makes a deal with Solomon. He will help his family get out if Solomon shows him where the pink is. There is some fighting and explosions and a whole bunch of stuff. During this time Solomons son get recruited, forcefully, by the R.U.F. who give him heroin and alcohol and force him to kill. More and more people find about the pink and there ends up being a "race" to get to it first. This movie was absolutley amazing showing the depth of human emotion and the struggle to survive in a poverty ridden Africa. We can feel Solomons sorrow as he searches and mourns for his family and we see Leos cunning and deception in trying to get to the diamond first. Overall score 10/10 definatly see this movie ASAP.

Pan's Labyrinth:
Another great movie that i was really looking forward to seeing. This is the story of a girl who is forced to live with her mother and step-father in wartime Spain. Her step-father is the general of a branch of the Spanish army. She finds a Labyrinth behind the place where she is staying and going into the middle she finds a faun who tells her that she is really the daughter of the king of the underworld, not the hell underworld but literally the world under our world. She must complete three tasks in order to be let back into the underworld. It is a fantasy movie that also takes place in a real world which made it very interesting for me to watch. it is also a very violent movie, example the general getting his cheek sliced open from mouth the ear and then sewing it back together. at the end of the movie i was left a little confused as to whether or not what the girl was seeing was in fact reality. for example at the end she is talking to the faun when her father comes in and sees her talking to herself. but also she is in a locked room but ends up escaping by drawing a door on the wall. confusing. overall id rate this a 10/10 for total awesomness.

The simpsons movie:
I in fact didnt really want to see this movie but ending up watching it because my brother got it for me for christmas. i was not to thrilled with at all. there were some funny parts but overall i was extreamly disappointed. also i find it funny the double standards we have in our society today that were reflected through this movie. for example bart is skateboarding naked through town and we end up seeing a 3 second shot of his penis. how tru it is only a cartoon but is lisa had been doing the same thing and we ended up seeing her va-j-j i feel the most people would consider that child porn, now dont get me wrong im not asking to see it but just pointing out the differences that occur in movies. overall a 6/10 for not living up to expectations.

Super Mario Galaxy:
Holy shit. Im not even done with the game but i thought it would appropriate to review it now. I LOVE THIS GAME. I cant stop playing it. it is the best mario game of all time. the story has you flying through space and exploring different galaxys for stars. now each galaxy is made up of different shaped planets that are often very close to each other. so close sometimes that you can jump between them. the gravity cna be a little screwy as can be the controls when going from right side up to upside down of vice versa, but overall what a great game. 10/10

-So your telling me that if i put these guys in hot water they scream, turn red and die? Yes sir that is correct. ........ That is the most brutal thing I've ever heard.

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